Hjort today

Hjort law firm covers the major practice areas of law in Norway. We assist corporate clients as well as public and private clients in legal advice and litigation. Our business clients represent a variety of sectors and industries. We are on a regular basis retained by and provide legal services to many of the largest companies in Norway.

HJort AG 51 høyoppløst

Hjort originates from 1893 and consists today of approximately 130 persons, of which approximately 100 are attorneys and associates. Thirty-eight partners own the firm, and they are all actively contributing to the firm's operations.

Based on the firm’s tradition and stability through more than a century, we have built a considerable base of trust with relation to our stakeholders, both within and outside the courts of law. This clearly represents an advantage for the firm’s ability and possibility to solve our assignments, and thereby an advantage for the clients which seek our advice.

Hjort law firm is ranked as leading within a number of competence areas. Hjort situates in central Oslo, but our assignments origins from all over Norway in addition to foreign countries. Hjort is a member of TerraLex - an international network of law firms, in addition to being member of Ius Laboris, which is an international network of law firms specialising in labour law.