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Managing IP names Hjort as “Firm of the Year” for Copyright and Design in Norway

Copyright & Design 2021

Based on feedback from our peers and clients, Managing IP awarded Hjort the distinguished title of Firm of the Year for Copyright & Design in Norway. The award reflects in particular our ongoing legal assistance to leaders in the music, broadcasting and publishing industries. As well as our expertise in industrial design, such as our extensive efforts concerning counterfeits and copy products.

The management of intellectual property rights is an integral component for business models to adapt to rapidly changing technology and globalization in the current market. We are grateful for the privilege of being recognized by Managing IP for our innovative and challenging work in intellectual property over the past year.

Hjort has also been recognized by Managing IP for our efforts relating to trademarks.

“The award by Managing IP solidifies our unparalleled competency in the field of intellectual property rights. We have a unique ability to remain current with design and intellectual property laws, as well as experience from litigating court cases in the field. We are very grateful for the recognition by Managing IP for Hjort’s excellence in this field.” Anne Marie Due – Managing Partner


For inquiries related to copyright, design, trademark and other intellectual property matters such as enforcement, licensing and other strategic advice, please contact us here.



"Awards are presented to firms, individuals and companies behind the most innovative and challenging IP work of the past year, as well as those driving the international IP market." - Managing IP