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Hjort as a workplace

Our lawyers experience challenges daily, whether it be of a professional or personal nature for their clients. These challenges can be conveyed in meetings with clients, occur as complex business related issues and appearing before the courts. However, regardless of the challenge, the core of how we handle these challenges are always the same, working together with the client to find the best solutions.

This means that it is always imperative that we have high standards of all of our colleagues. Professional skills and high integrity are also essential in being a Hjortadvokat, since they will not only be working with difficult issues, but at the same time have the capability of making appropriate ethical and moral choices. An integral aspect of being a lawyer lies in the task of upholding justice and hindering injustice. This is an important social and societal responsibility.

Genuine curiosity to find solutions, engagement in each case you are involved with, and an honest interest for the well-being of people, are all important characteristics that we value very highly at Hjort. It is a combination of competency, skills and values that result in us being Hjort – one of Norway’s leading law firms within corporate law counseling and dispute resolution. We are also well known for our practice areas within private and criminal law.


Working as a team

As our employee, you will be a part of an exceptionally strong professional environment. You will be closely working with extremely talented in a supportive and social environment. At Hjort we have lawyers with a background from the business sector, public administration, the Norwegian courts, and the Attorney General’s office. These experienced backgrounds and skills result in the feasibility of having access to engaged and intelligent colleagues that will always wish for your best. If you do well, Hjort does well!

Teamwork is quintessential for providing the quality of work for which we are recognized. Therefore we create teams for individual cases or clients, quite often over practice areas, or in the manner of established professional groups with individualized competency.


Doing well

Mastering assignments and professional development is important to thrive and perform as best as possible. We ensure that there are resources available so that you are able to receive the mentoring you need during your time at Hjort, regardless of whether you are newly graduated associate or an experienced lawyer. Each lawyer in our firm is provided a career development plan that is continuously followed up by their individual mentors. We pride ourselves in our casual and professional work environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions or discussions. This is a value that is imperative not only professionally, but socially as well. During the course of the year, there are many opportunities to partake in various social events and activities where the primary purpose is to meet and have a good time.


Are you a Hjortadvokat?

We are always looking for extraordinary individuals that can take our law firm to the next level. At Hjort the experience of exciting challenges always awaits.

We are always searching for intelligent team players that have their heart and mind in the right place, with unique qualifications that are capable of solving complex legal cases and issues. We may have difficult requirements, but we ensure that you will have the proper support you need to develop into an even better Hjortadvokat.

Are you a Hjortadvokat? If so, apply now!