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Vikersund Solar Power Plant is Now Operational!

Following the Norwegian Agricultural Agency’s ruling in favor of Hydropower AS in the appeal against the County Governor’s decision, the company has completed the construction of the solar power plant, and power production is in full swing.

Hjort lawyers Liv Zimmermann and Erik Gjævenes assisted Hydropower in appealing the decision made by the County Governor, and the appeal was upheld in May 2023. The Norwegian Agricultural Agency justified the decision to grant the appeal on the basis that the landowner can determine the use of the land, as long as it pertains to agricultural activities. In this case, Helgesen, had planned to use the field additionally as grazing land for sheep. They also placed significant emphasis on how the project contributes to the production of emission-free energy, benefiting society.

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Today, the Vikersund solar power plant, which is the solar power plant Helgesen and Hydropower wanted to build, is operational. ‘It’s producing electricity like there’s no tomorrow,’ Helgesen tells Europower. The plant has an installed capacity of 2.3 MW.

However, the Vikersund solar power plant was not processed through the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) as it was not subject to licensing under the Energy Act. Therefore, it is in operation before the solar power plant that holds the ‘status’ as Norway’s first solar power concession.

Following the success of the Vikersund solar power plant, Hydropower is now planning two new solar power plants, with one of them being an extension of the first facility. They have made progress in the planning stage and aim to commence the installation of the facility in 2024.

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Hjort has broad experience

Hjort has assisted Hydropower AS throughout the entire process, including construction matters, licensing, and land-sharing permits according to the Land Act, agreements with landowners, etc. Should assistance be required in establishing solar panel facilities, Hjort possesses extensive expertise. We have robust departments in both real estate and renewable energy and would be delighted to assist you.