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Real Estate

Real estate law encompasses a broad spectrum of potential issues, including property development, purchase and sale of developed and undeveloped plots, official permits, property structuring, expropriation and land reallocation, registration, rent, ground leases, deficiencies, defects and damage to real estate, property management, issues related to joint housing ownership and cooperatives, easements and restrictive covenants, prescriptive rights and neighbour law.

Our lawyers have comprehensive experience in the field of real estate law. We provide our clients with a full range of services in development and modification projects, from the purchase of land, via planning and construction, to sale or rental of the completed project. We have experience and expertise relating to both business and residential properties.

We know the real estate sector and the various stakeholders in development and construction projects well. Several of our lawyers have previously worked in the public administration, and thus have detailed knowledge of administrative and political decision-making processes. As a result, we can help facilitate application processes and contact with the authorities.

Our specialist planning, building and ground lease team is recognised as one of Norway’s leading practice groups.

Our broad experience and background enables us to identify advisory needs quickly. We work with clients to plan efficient assignment performance, taking into account overarching strategic issues like progress, profitability, reputation, etc. Where questions arise with regard to other fields of law, we establish interdisciplinary teams. When a case has to be brought before the courts, we provide first-class advice thanks to our expertise in both real estate law and litigation.

We advise a number of property developers and major property owners (both private and public) with a particular focus on management and operation. In addition, we assist public authorities, including municipalities, in all areas of real estate law, although a large proportion of our advice relates to the interpretation of regulations and the exercise of authority.

Our aim is to provide clients with advice which is solution-oriented and helps them achieve their productivity aims. Contacting us at an early stage of a real estate project can help to ensure good process flow and increase the chances of reaching project goals.

"Advokatfirmaet Hjort stands out for its contentious expertise"

– Legal 500, 2019