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Hjort assists Space Norway with the establishment of satellite-based broadband

Space Norway will offer satellite-based broadband for both civil and military users in the Arctic, using two satellites that Space-X will launch from the United States in 2022.

Space Norway has entered into agreements with the satellite operator Inmarsat and with the Norwegian Ministry of Defense. Space Norway has also entered into an agreement with Kongsberg Satellite Services for the establishment of a ground station in Northern Norway.

Hjort has assisted Space Norway throughout the process in the aspects of the project that are regulated by Norwegian law, as well as assisted in contract negotiations and with the preparation of various agreements. Hjort’s assistance includes necessary loan agreements related to the project. Hjort has also collaborated with the international law firm Fieldfisher on the agreements in the project that are regulated by English law.

With its solid expertise in TMT, contract law, and banking and finance, Hjort has been able to put together an experienced team of competent and dedicated individuals. The team from Hjort comprised of Rolf Chr. Trolle Andersen, Jørn A. Uggerud, Mariann Andersen and Petter Enholm.

Link to the press release from Space Norway AS.

"It has been exciting to work with this project, which involves actors from both the public and the business sector, and who will help strengthen Norway's position as an Arctic nation."

– Rolf Chr. Trolle Andersen, Partner at Advokatfirmaet Hjort