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Separation and divorce

The breakdown of a relationship, whether a marriage or cohabitation, can raise numerous issues, especially with regard to financial arrangements.

Our lawyers have extensive experience of the rules governing financial settlement in connection with divorce, which can be highly complicated, and regularly advise on the distribution of assets, liabilities and debts in such situations. We also assist with settlement negotiations. While our objective is always to reach a consensus, we are also experienced in conducting legal proceedings before the courts when no amicable arrangement can be achieved.

Estate settlement

In the event of separation or divorce, assets and debts are normally distributed between the spouses. This often involves complicated factual investigations involving the valuation of properties, business interests, shares, securities and other assets. Different types of debt must also be taken into consideration, and the distribution formula must be based on each party’s personal wealth. As a result, some estate settlements are simple, while others can be very complicated. We assist with the settlement of both simple and complicated private and public estates.

Child custody and access rights

A key priority in the event of separation or divorce is to protect any affected children as much as possible. The Children Act provides that all decisions made under the Act must be based on solutions which are in the “best interests of the child.” The legislation therefore emphasises the importance of amicable solutions, and repeatedly emphasises finding solutions through mediation. Mediation can be judicial or extra-judicial. We advise on and assist with both forms of mediation, as well as other necessary legal steps in such cases.