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Henrik Boehlke

Admitted to the Supreme Court

Henrik Boehlke works with criminal law. He specializes in litigation and dispute resolution.

Henrik is appointed by the Oslo District Court and the Borgarting Court of Appeals as a defence counsel. As a court appointed defence counsel, Henrik advises on a wide range of criminal cases from various practice areas. This appointment has contributed to him litigating a large number of cases before the courts each year. Henrik’s criminal law experience includes cases involving ØKOKRIM (Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime), which encompass cases regarding financial crimes, environmental crimes, and also cases against legal persons. Currently, Henrik is acting as defence counsel in a case pertaining to welfare corruption, in which the EEA legal questions of the case are being presented before the EFTA courts.

Henrik experience also includes civil cases and civil litigations. He has experience from a spectrum of corporate related cases, specifically pertaining to compensation with regards to contract relationships. Recently, Henrik has worked extensively with cases involving real estate investments in Norway and overseas, as well as major supplier contracts.

Furthermore, Henrik’s legal experience also includes investigative assignments. His experience as a litigator is an important asset for carrying out investigations in an ethical and trustworthy manner, as well as providing a thorough assessment of the matter that is under investigation.

Henrik ‘s dissertation about the taxation of athletes contributed to him advising several top athletes with their tax law matters.

Henrik’s experience also includes reindeer husbandry law. A number of his cases raised the legal issue as to whether encroachments on reindeer grazing areas violates Norway’s obligations under the ILO Convention and the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).


Professional Experience
Admitted to the Supreme Court
Partner, Advokatfirmaet Hjort
Deputy judge, Hedmarken District Court
Research assistant, Department of Public and International Law
Candidate in Jurisprudence, The University of Oslo

Skattlegging av idrettsutøvere, Skattebetalerforeningens skriftserie nr. 25