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Our tax lawyers have long and varied experience in private practice.

Transaction planning and implementation

Tax optimisation is a key consideration in the implementation of transactions. Based on our extensive transactional experience, we recommend an early start to structural planning, well before implementation. Relevant questions include whether the transaction should take the form of a company sale or share sale and whether preceding capital transactions are needed (such as a demerger, merger or capital decrease).

Planning and implementation of inter-generational transfers

We advise clients on the individualised structuring of generational asset transfers, to ensure that the chosen solutions reflect their wishes, interests and future plans. Thorough planning is of the essence.

Assistance with tax disputes

We have assisted a number of clients with complaints and legal proceedings concerning tax matters. This includes litigating tax, VAT and property tax cases before the Supreme Court.

Company taxation

We have extensive experience of advising taxpayers on the conversion of sole proprietorships and partnerships into limited companies, as well as mergers and demergers. We also assist with the development of incentive schemes for employees, and partnership models. We are regularly involved in tax-related litigation on behalf of clients, dealing with issues such as the right to carry forward losses, the deductibility of bad debts and group contributions.

Dispute resolution

Hjort has a long tradition of assisting clients with dispute resolution. We regularly advise clients on disputes concerning direct and indirect taxes, in the form of formal complaints, appeals and court proceedings.

Taxation of energy enterprises

We are specialists in the taxation of energy enterprises, including the special tax regime for power plants, and have assisted with a number of reorganisations and acquisitions in the energy sector. We have also advised energy enterprises on tax disputes – for example concerning economic rent tax – including cases before the Supreme Court.