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Tax Law

Our tax experts have varied and extensive experience within the legal practice area of tax law.

Planning and implementing transactions

When a transaction is being considered, it is important that it be accomplished in a way that is optimal from a tax point of view. We have extensive experience of structuring business transactions. We recommend that, well ahead of the transaction taking place, you assess the choice of approach (content sale/share sale) and need for prior equity transactions (fission, fusion or capital write-down).

Succession planning and transfer of control

In a family business, how control is passed on to the next generation largely depends on a case-by-case assessment of the individual parties’ wishes, interest and plans. Success depends on good succession planning.

Assistance with tax disputes

We have assisted a large number of clients involved in disputes and litigation relating to income/corporation tax, value added tax (VAT) and property tax.  Moreover, our lawyers are qualified to pursue such cases all the way to the Norwegian Supreme Court.

Corporation tax

We have extensive experience of assisting taxpayers convert from sole-proprietorships or general partnerships to limited companies, and of mergers and demergers. We can also assist with setting up employee incentive schemes and partnership models. We assist clients involved in numerous administrative disputes and litigation before the courts on matters ranging from tax loss carryforwards to the deductibility of bad debts and group contributions. At the start of 2017, we represented a taxpayer in a case relating to deductions for bad debts that came before the Supreme Court.

Dispute resolution

We have a long and proud tradition as one of Norway’s leading litigation firms.  Our tax department has assisted many clients with tax related disputes, in both appeals and before the courts.

We have also assisted in tax cases, value-added tax cases and property tax cases, some of these cases were presented before the Norwegian Supreme Court.


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