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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

We are one of Norway’s leading litigation firms, and represent both companies and private individuals. Each year we litigate hundreds of cases before the district courts, the courts of appeal and the Norwegian Supreme Court.

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Advokatfirmaet Hjort has 'exceptionally broad competences in Norwegian law' and is 'very hands on, business oriented and able to quickly find the best solutions to settle disputes'.

– Legal 500, 2019

Our Practice Areas

Civil dispute resolution – business and commerce

Civil disputes are becoming more complex and complicated, and the need for assistance with legal procedure is growing. We represent clients in both the private and public sectors, as well as private individuals.

We accept cases in a majority of the practice areas, and only assign legal specialists to appear before the courts. This ensures that our clients are represented by lawyers with in-depth industry and legal knowledge in legal proceedings and arbitration.

Civil litigation – private individuals

We assist private individuals with disputes and legal proceedings arising in relation to family law (separation, divorce, child custody and inheritance), asset management, family-owned businesses, employment, tax and real estate.

Our clients can be certain that our lawyers have thorough knowledge of their case and the applicable laws, as well as the experience of bringing cases to court.

Complex legal proceedings

Legal proceedings are growing in scope and complexity, particularly in the case of lengthy main hearings before the courts. Substantial assets may be at stake, and the volume of documents can be extensive. In addition, cases may raise important matters of legal principle. Such cases also often attract considerable media attention. Our lawyers have led several major cases in recent years.

Complex legal proceedings result in particular demands on the leading law firm, in terms of managing and conducting litigation, ensuring progress and efficiency, and maintaining reliable and clear communication with the client. In some cases, it may also be necessary to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach and/or engage external experts.

We thrive in this environment, and have unique expertise in executing these types of assignments. We appoint a lead partner to coordinate a team of highly skilled lawyers with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for the client. Our specialists are qualified both to provide non-contentious advice and to conduct litigation when a case cannot be resolved out of court. In other words, we do not transfer cases to a general litigation department.


In an arbitration, the arbitrators are chosen by the parties, but the procedure is generally the same as in litigation before the courts. The parties may agree whether the case will be open to the public or held behind closed doors to keep the dispute and the arbitration outcome secret. Since arbitration rulings cannot be appealed, they can generally be kept very private. Arbitration also provides a quicker dispute resolution mechanism.

Several of our lawyers have extensive experience in arbitration. We provide regular assistance in arbitration cases, as well as being called upon to act as arbitration judges.

Corporate penalties

The police and prosecutors have adopted a stronger focus on economic crimes. Such cases often attract special media attention.

Many challenges arise when a business or employee is suspected of and/or charged with possible criminal offences, including the need to manage communications with the media, the police and the prosecuting authorities, as well as other staff, the company’s governing bodies, customers and business partners.

Our large team of skilled, experienced lawyers assist both companies and individuals in such cases such as providing strategic advice, as well as advice on preventive measures.

Financial crime

Hjort has one of Norway’s largest and most highly-skilled practice groups devoted to defending clients accused of financial crimes.

In cases concerning tax evasion, insider trading or other violations of company law, it is of great benefit to our clients that the lawyers representing them in court not only have extensive experience of corporate law, but also have the capability of incorporating the strong and extensive resources at Hjort’s disposal, including the firm’s company law and tax law specialists.

Criminal law

In Norway, persons suspected of, charged with or indicted for a criminal offence are entitled to legal representation, both during the police investigation and in court. Our lawyers are frequently engaged as defence counsel in all types of criminal cases.

Persons who find themselves under investigation in connection with a criminal offence should consult a lawyer at the earliest opportunity, preferably before making a statement to the police. Understanding the reasons for an investigation, and what is being investigated means in practice, can be difficult to understand. A lawyer can help clarify the situation, and ensure that individual rights are not infringed upon.

In many cases, suspects are entitled to publicly-appointed defence counsel, for instance a lawyer paid from public funds.