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Kindergartens and schools are closing – What now?

Kindergartens and schools are closing across the entire country. It may not only affect the children, students and parents, but also the operators and employees of these schools and kindergartens.

The government implement measures to prevent the spread of diseases by invoking the Act relating to control of communicable diseases (also referred to as the Infectious Disease Control Act). If it is deemed necessary to prevent the spread of a contagious virus, each municipality has the right to close schools and kindergartens in their districts. Further, social activities may be prohibited, and companies and workplaces may be closed, i.e. airports, swimming pools, sports halls, theatres, cinemas and stores. If necessary, the Ministry of Health and Care Services can decide that such measures apply to the whole country, or parts of it. The Act covers both public and private actors.

Measures aimed at controlling communicable diseases raise several issues, including:

  • Consequences of business closure
  • Handling of contractual relationships
  • Temporary lay-offs or termination of employees
  • Handling of sick leave


Hjort’s experts are specialized and able to assist in most areas affected by the virus outbreak. If you or your business have any questions or concerns related to corona, including measures of disease prevention, please do not hesitate to contact us.