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Hjort and the coronavirus

To all of our clients and business partners

This week the Prime Minister of Norway stated that the government is currently taking the most radical measures we have ever had during times of peace. This affects all of us, not only as a society, but as well as individuals. Whether it be closed schools, nurseries, businesses and workplaces, we are all affected by this extremely challenging and unprecedented situation.

Advokatfirmaet Hjort takes this matter very seriously, and has made it a priority to remain up to date in this ever evolving situation. In order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in our community, Advokatfirmaet Hjort has taken measures to comply with government regulations and to ensure that all of our employees are able to work from home.

Although our employees will be working from home, our availability and quality of service will remain unchanged. We have planned for this type of challenging situation and ensured that our personnel is provided with the proper equipment and technological tools to make this transition as easy as possible. This is more important than ever as many of our clients are experiencing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. By maintaining our normal business hours, we are able to uphold our value of providing exceptional service and legal assistance. It is of utmost importance to our firm that we remain available for everyone during this crisis, and provide exceptional quality of service for our clients and business partners. We will continue to work on our current legal assignments, and provide on-going advice should any legal situations arise.

All of our lawyers are available to answer any of your legal questions, especially those related to the coronavirus pandemic. Our experienced lawyers have already written a number of articles pertaining to the impact of the corona virus and the changing government regulations. All of our articles are available on our website.

Unfortunately, it is too early to predict as to how long this situation will last, and the impact of the virus. However, we do know that all of us will be affected in some manner. It is therefore of utmost importance that our all of our clients, business partners and colleagues understand that we are available and ready to assist during this challenging time.

With best wishes for everyone on behalf of all of us at Advokatfirmaet Hjort,

Anne Marie Due

Managing Partner