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Hjort lawyers recognized for their impact on Norwegian society

The Norwegian law magazine (Advokatbladet) is honouring 100 Norwegian lawyers that over the last 100 years have changed Norway. Of the jury’s 100 selected lawyers, there are 10 Hjort lawyers. The distinguished individuals are Johan Bernhard Hjort, Johan Hjort, Else Bugge Fougner, Erling Lyngtveit, Erik Keiserud, Frode A. Innjord, Kristin Bjella, Alexandra Borch Gjørv, Camilla Selman and Lise Klaveness. They have all, according to the jury, had an important influence on Norwegian law and left their mark on Norwegian society. At the same time, they have, each in their own way left their mark on Advokatfirmaet Hjort. We are thankful for the recognition and proud to be part of this tradition.


We congratulate Advokatbladet on its 100th anniversary!