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Are you a Hjort-lawyer?

We are always looking for extraordinary individuals that can take our law firm to the next level. At Hjort the experience of exciting challenges always awaits.

We are always searching for intelligent team players that have their heart and mind in the right place, with unique qualifications that are capable of solving complex legal cases and issues. We may have difficult requirements, but we ensure that you will have the proper support you need to develop into an even better Hjortadvokat.

At Hjort you will be working in a diverse environment with other competent individuals from diverse backgrounds, specialties and attributes. However, we all have something important in common:

  • We are exceptional problem solvers
  • We are engaged with our clients and their industries
  • We are always taking care of the big picture, and finding solutions in the details
  • We work not only individually, but also as a team.
  • We make sure to support each other as colleagues
  • We believe it is extremely important to be honest, clear and respectable

Independent, but not alone

As an employee at Hjort, you will be given cases to manage independently at the very beginning of your employment. We also ensure that you have appropriate access to litigation experience. One thing that is absolutely certain, is that even though you will be working independently, you will never work alone. You will have the complete support of experienced lawyers, for discussions and advisement, whenever you need it. As an associate at Hjort you will also notice that we are very concerned about your success. Normally, an associate will achieve the status of attorney after two years.

Our goal is to develop you into a successful Hjort-lawyer, someone who is knowledgeable, solution oriented, and at the same time has the integrity to promote justice, and hinder injustice – even when it is difficult.

Are you a future Hjort-lawyer? If so, send us your application.



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