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Pricing and general terms

Hjort makes every effort to ensure that its services are competitively priced. On the whole, our fees are based on the actual amount of time involved, although this may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the work. In simple and straightforward cases, and upon request, clients may be quoted a fixed price in advance.

The firm’s lawyers are subject to the Norwegian Bar Association’s Code of Conduct and in consumer matters we are bound by the Norwegian Competition Authority’s regulation governing the disclosure of the cost of services. This means that, in connection with the start-up of a new case, the client will be notified of the applicable hourly rates, the way in which the fee will be calculated, as well as an outline of our billing procedures. If the client so wishes, we can provide continuous information about costs as and when they are incurred.

For our private clients, our hourly consultation price (based upon the lawyers seniority level; associate, attorney, senior attorney and partner) ranges from NOK 2000,- to NOK 5200,-, plus VAT dependent upon the nature of the case. We reserve the right to deviate from the aforementioned price range in special cases. The hourly calculation is based upon a minimum of 15 minutes for each work session in the case. Special expenses in connection with the case are invoiced in addition to fees for time spent. For business clients, the prices are based upon a specific agreement.

Hjort does not work on a “no-cure-no-pay” basis, and the rules of the Norwegian Bar Association preclude us from fixing our fee solely as a percentage of the amount in dispute or any financial settlement resulting from the case.

General terms and conditions

Hjort DA operates under standard terms and conditions for private and other clients. Please contact us for more information on prices, terms and conditions.

Assignments are not approved by Hjort until we have received a written confirmation of the assignment.

Criminal Cases

The court covers defense costs for most cases when charges have been taken in the case and always in connection with prison custody. For assistance during investigation – that is, before a charge has been made- the client normally covers the costs related to their own defense counsel. In the event of a dismissal or acquittal in criminal cases, the previously accused may request to be reimbursed for his legal expenses in accordance with the rules of the Criminal Procedure Act.

Free Legal Aid / Free Trial

Under special circumstances, depending on the client’s income / wealth , possibility of a free trial can be granted by the public authorities.

Insurance Coverage

In some of cases, the attorney’s fees may be partially covered by the client’s insurance company under legal aid coverage that is included in many of the normal home insurance policies.

Liability Cases

In cases where there is a possibility to claims of compensation from another party, for example in personal injury cases, it may be appropriate to require the responsible perpetrator to cover legal expenses as part of the injured party’s financial loss as a result of the case.