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Hjort's Diversity Policy

Advokatfirmaet Hjort has a clear vision that the firm should reflect the society we live in and serve.  A good culture is created by all the company’s employees and adminstrated by management.

We have made a promise to our employees: “With us, you have the opportunity to be at your best – and part of a team on a path towards a common goal”. In order to achieve this promise, we must be a workplace that accepts, respects and includes each employee. We believe that when our employees can be themselves, they can both further develop themselves and the company.

Our philosophy is that skilled employees, regardless of gender, age and ethnicity, will excel at our firm. Hjort is an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Contributions through different cultures, thoughts and viewpoints are of utmost importance. We hold value in that when meet and we work together to achieve common goals that a diverse culture is allowed to flourish. At Hjort, the management has set a clear strategy that will be our roadmap in diversity work. A special group has been appointed to help ensure that our diversity strategy is in continuous process, which includes everyone in the company.

Diversity is always a focal point in our firms plan, and we are now working on the following measures:

  • A diversity committee that helps to ensure that our measures are implemented
  • Develop and train leaders who can practice diversity management in practice
  • Recruit employees from a qualified and diverse group of people
  • Achieve a gender balance of at least 40/60 in all categories
  • Fostering a culture that is inclusive of our workplace
  • Conduct Employee surveys that are intended to help us identify any undesirable behaviour, as well as to work preventively.
Diversity at work is important to me and Hjort because it makes it easier for me and my colleagues to be all aspects of who we are. Such a range makes Hjort a more exciting place to work and a better support for our clients in all situations.

– Mikkel Toft Gimse

Diversity should be a natural part of any business. Society reflects diversity and we should reflect society – both to ensure a good working environment, but also to ensure the trust of the diversity of clients who seek assistance from us.

– Helene Eng