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A lawyer's fundamental duty is to promote justice and prevent injustice. For Hjort, this constitutes a corporate social responsibility which we take very seriously.

A common thread throughout all of our practice areas is our strong and acknowledged litigation experience. Representing private individuals, public authorities and private businesses has been at the heart of Hjort’s business since the start. Accordingly, despite undertaking wide-ranging corporate and commercial assignments, Hjort still works extensively in the private client (family, inheritance and probate) and criminal-law sectors. Hjort’s lawyers regularly appear as publicly appointed defence counsel at all three court levels. No other commercial law firm in Norway has such a broad range of practice. We have a long tradition of representing individuals in human rights cases, and support a number of charities every year through direct financial support and/or pro bono work.

Our aim is to “reflect the society we are a part of”. Accordingly, we recruit on the basis of professional skill, personality and integrity, irrespective of gender. This is one reason for our longstanding high percentage of female lawyers and partners. We encourage our staff opportunities to participate in political life and to support the development of the law and healthy legal custom and usage. We do this by participating in various committees and commissions, publishing articles on legal topics, and authoring feature articles and comment pieces.

Eco-lighthouse certification

Hjort is Eco-lighthouse-certified (Miljøfyrtårn). This means that our business meets strict requirements related to waste disposal, sustainable purchasing, energy efficiency, HSE and the working environment. Eco-lighthouse is a national environmental certification system run by the Miljøfyrtårn Foundation. The foundation was established in 2003 by central undertakings from trade and industry and the public sector. More information about the Eco-lighthouse certification scheme can be found at www.eco-lighthouse.org.

Collaboration with Amnesty

Hjort has a long tradition of representing individuals in human rights cases. This is an important part of our history and our corporate social responsibility.

Hjort often supports charitable objectives and projects. In 2014, we entered into a collaboration agreement with Amnesty International Norway which we have renewed every year since then. Amnesty’s neutral political position and general advocacy for “freedom, equality and justice for all” coincide well with the lawyer’s fundamental task of promoting justice and preventing injustice, which lies at the heart of our firm. In 2019 and 2020, we are supporting Amnesty’s project focused on sustainability in supply chains.

Hjort and Amnesty also collaborate on internal and external seminars to promote greater awareness, understanding and knowledge of Amnesty’s human rights work.

Other Charitable Objectives

Hjort has supported the free legal advice service Advokatvakten for a number of years, and regularly makes financial contributions to initiatives and organisations such as the University of Oslo’s Human Rights Week, the Norwegian Association of Disabled People and the Norwegian Red Cross.