Corporate social responsibility and pro bono

A lawyer's fundamental duty is to promote justice and prevent injustice. For Hjort, this constitutes a corporate social responsibility which we take very seriously.


Hjort provides legal assistance in a number of practice areas. We have extensive experience within the field of criminal law, and our attorneys act as court-appointed defence counsels in the district and appeal courts, as well as in Norway’s Supreme Court. For many years we have also assisted in immigration and asylum cases. Some of our attorneys also accept pro bono cases.

Hjort contributes to the formulation of laws and statutory regulations through participation in the Norwegian Bar Association’s law revision groups. A number of the firm’s attorneys have previously been members of such revision groups. Presently, Monica Syrdal heads the committee for EU- and competition law, and Kristin Bjella heads the committee working on a new harbour- and waters legislation. Nicolai V. Skjerdal, head of our human- and civil rights practice area, is a member of the committee for criminal law and criminal procedure. Hjort also cooperates with the Norwegian Bar Association through our membership participation in the human rights law group (Arne Gunnar Aas) and the ethics committee (Erling O. Lyngtveit).

Hjort collaborates with Amnesty International in the organisation's work to advance human rights.


Hjort has for a number of years also supported Advokatvakten, and financially supports initiatives such as the attorney's HUMAK-effort, the University of Oslo’s Human Rights Week, the Norwegian Association of Disabled People and the Norwegian Red Cross.