Public procurement

Hjort has extensive experience of advising purchasers and vendors with respect to the regulations governing public procurements. This experience from both the purchaser and vendor sides gives us a complete picture of the issues that can arise with respect to the procurement rules, and provides a strong foundation for resolving any conflicts that may emerge in an expedient and efficient manner.


Our lawyers help purchasers to:

  • assess whether a purchase must be put out to tender, including whether the conditions for the in-house exemption have been met.
  • plan the procurement and draw up the requirement specifications and competition rules.
  • perform assessments during the procurement process, e.g. about whether a vendor must be rejected.
  • handle complaints from vendors, either directly to the purchaser, to the Norwegian Complaints Board (KOFA) or in the form of legal action.

Our lawyers help vendors to:

  • prepare bids, devise a negotiating strategy and seek clarification from the purchaser, if necessary.
  • assess award decisions and other decisions in the procurement process.
  • submit a complaint about the process or the outcome to the purchaser or the Norwegian Complaints Board (KOFA), and take any associated legal action (e.g. applications for temporary injunctions or for a court hearing).

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