Company law and transactions (M&A)

Stock exchange and securities law

Hjort undertakes frequent assignments in the field of stock exchange and securities law. We assist both listed companies, private investors, financial institutions and investment firms, and can offer particular expertise within the area of litigation.


In addition to helping our clients with purely securities-related issues, our stock exchange and securities law specialists work closely with colleagues in other practice areas to ensure that you always receive the best possible assistance, e.g. in connection with listed companies, tax advice and litigation. We also have extensive experience as defence counsel in criminal cases relating to securities law offences, typically insider trading.

Hjort is considered to be one of Norway’s leading litigation firms, which provides our clients with added confidence should the level of conflict escalate. In this respect, Hjort has represented clients in connection with several major cases involving stock exchange and securities law, before both ordinary courts of law and arbitration tribunals. Hjort has, for example, represented the Oslo Stock Exchange in a number of cases.

Our wide-ranging experience of litigation will also be an important frame of reference when we advise clients on matters relating to securities law, since the potential for disputes and litigation, and the consequences they may have, must be taken into account at every stage of the advisory process.

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