Hjort wins again for The Norwegian Consumer Council in a case concerning an app for exposing EDCs in cosmetics

The Norwegian Consumer Council ("NCC" - Norwegian: "Forbrukerrådet") launched a campaign in 2011 against the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in cosmetic products. As part of the campaign, the NCC developed an app for smart-phones that enables consumers, by simply scanning the product with their smart-phone, to check whether a cosmetic product contains chemicals that are under suspicion of being endocrine disrupting.

hormonsjekk app

The NCC was in 2012 sued by a distributor of a cosmetic product (A-crème) that contains a suspected EDC. The distributor argued that the app was illegal, and claimed damages for alleged losses suffered as a result of the campaign. Hjort represented the NCC before the District Court of Oslo, which ruled in favour of the NCC in July 2013. The cosmetics distributor appealed to the Borgarting Court of Appeals, which on 10 November 2014 ruled in favour of the NCC. The distributor of the cosmetic product in question was ordered to compensate the NCC’s  legal expenses in the matter. Lead counsel for the NCC was Rolf Chr. Trolle Andersen.