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Inheritance Law

Death raises many practical concerns and questions for the bereaved. Our lawyers have extensive experience of working with people in such difficult situations, and include some of Norway’s leading inheritance law experts. We advise on all aspects of inheritance and probate, including dispute resolution.

Statutory inheritance and inheritance by will

We provide general advice on the legal rules governing inheritance. Circumstances such as multiple marriages and sets of children often make the preparation of a will essential. Other priorities may include the disposition of particular assets and other personal wishes. We help clients to draft wills tailored to their individual needs.

Powers of attorney

Individuals may grant a power of attorney authorising to one or several persons to represent them if they should become unable to safeguard their own interests. Such authorisations may cover both financial and personal matters, and represent an alternative to guardianship. We prepare individual powers of attorney reflecting the needs of each client.

Administration of a deceased’s estate

We undertake both simple and complex estate administrations (for example involving division between a surviving spouse and heirs from a previous marriage). This includes advice on applicable rules and the practical conduct of private and public administrations. In relevant cases, we liaise with our tax group.

We regularly assist charitable organisations and private persons with the administration and division of larger and smaller private estates. We also handle various public estates, and hold a permanent appointment as receiver in public administrations from Oslo County Court.

Undivided possession of an estate

A surviving spouse may in some cases retain undivided possession of the deceased’s estate. To make good decisions, it is essential that the surviving spouse and/or other heirs are familiar with the applicable rules. We provide both advice on and practical and legal assistance with establishing undivided possession.

Inheritances and gifts may be distributed while an estate remains in undivided possession. However, such distributions should be made in the correct manner, to prevent subsequent problems between heirs and with the authorities. We advise on such questions and assist with the final settlement of estates in undivided possession, whether during the life of the surviving spouse or after the surviving spouse has passed away.

Inter-generational asset transfers

Persons with substantial business investments, real estate holdings and other assets often wish to ensure a controlled transfer of assets from one generation to the next, to ensure continuity and proper management of the asset base. Hjort’s private client group advises on and implements such generational transfers, liaising closely with the tax group as required.