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Banking, Finance and Insurance

Hjort advises and undertakes litigation assignments for banks, financial institutions and insurance companies in a wide range of legal fields.

Banking, finance and insurance issues often overlap with other legal areas, such as company and transactions law, tax law and accounting law. Hjort tailors its services to each client’s particular needs by creating assignment-specific legal teams incorporating specialists in relevant fields.

Hjort is one of Norway’s leading litigation firms, with extensive experience of litigating cases in almost all areas of the law and at all levels of complexity. Our lawyers’ extensive experience makes us a reliable and secure partner when conflicts escalate, especially in our specialist areas: banking, finance and insurance.

Our litigation experience also provides an important frame of reference when advising clients on non-contentious issues, since the potential for – and possible consequences of – disputes and litigation are an important consideration at every stage of the advisory process.

Selected areas of expertise

  • General liability insurance
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Company investigations
  • Group structures/reorganisation
  • Licence and framework conditions
  • Contact with authorities
  • Collateral and security
  • Product liability insurance
  • Cooperation agreements between financial institutions
  • Formation of financial institutions
  • Board and management responsibility
Hjort is considered to be one of Norway's leading litigation firms, and this gives our clients an added security when they find themselves in situations with high levels of conflict.