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HjortSkolen is the driving force that develops you into becoming a Hjortadvokat.

We arrange lectures and seminars within a number of subject areas and topics so that you can develop into becoming an extraordinary Hjort-lawyer. Everything is tailor-made so that you remain up to date and always have the opportunity to increase your level of competency. HjortSkolen also has an individualized program from associates, so that you are granted your law authorization as soon as possible, and further develop as a Hjort-lawyer.

Two central learning arenas for the professional development of our associates are the Finse Seminar and the Lysebu Seminar. The Finse seminar is a practical based seminar,  wherein an associate is able to take on various roles in the litigation process, and be mentored by our experienced partners and senior attorneys. The Lysebu Seminar is more of theoretical based weekend seminar that is based upon relevant topic each year.

All of our learning arenas are based upon active participation and a culture of open discussions. This is how we build and develop not only our own, but each other’s competency.