Corporate law

Hjort advises clients from the public and private sectors on corporate law and dispute resolution in a number of areas.


Hjort’s corporate lawyers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, stretching from the private and public sectors to political and court appointments. We have particularly strong professional environments within the fields of property and real estaterenewable energyconstructioncommunication/media/technology and oil/gas, and our Employment law practice  is one of the country's largest and most well-reputed. A growing portion of our business is devoted to Competition Law, Company Law and Transactions.

Our solid tradition within litigation and our wide-ranging experience makes us an ideal sparring partner and strategic advisor. If necessary, we can put together a complete team of lawyers specialising in different legal areas, and our objective is always to seek solutions and avoid disputes. At the same time, we are extremely well equipped to pursue a case through the courts, where the circumstances so require.

Through our global networks and partners worldwide, Hjort also offers international legal assistance to clients with operations outside Norway.

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